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February 25, 2009


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Kevin Devine

Where I work, we are also on a rotating on-call schedule. We work on "straight time", which means that if I was up fixing a server issue for two hours, I can be two hours late the next day. Additionally, we get a day off the week after our rotation is over. This works pretty well as it does not promote "sabotage" to get more money.

We also have a bonus tied to database uptime. It isn't a lot of money and only paid quarterly, but it does give incentive to keep the servers online.

Rod Colledge

Kevin - I think that's a good balance. I like it.



We do a Daily allowance doubling on Weekends and Public holidays. If a server goes down you don't get paid anything extra but if the server stays up it's money for doing nothing except having to watch a pager.

Additionally, in 'harsh' situations (ie. calls after ~10pm or extended callouts) we do Time Off In Lieu meaning late arrivals or potentially full days off.

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