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August 24, 2009


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Great post Rod. How do you see cloud computing affecting DBAs in the future ? ...



Interesting commentary and breakout. I think these groupings apply pretty much regardless of which Database platform you choose to focus on.

Personally myself I would put myself in the Developer DBA category, though my shift over the years has gone from strong developer to strong DBA (DB Programmer) mindset.

Rod Colledge

@Neil; I think cloud computing will accelerate the disappearance of DBAs who administer a small number of servers. Small - medium organizations will reduce costs by letting these staff (and their servers) go in return for utility computing provided through the cloud. Another reason why current "admin" DBAs will start to split off in a number of directions.


Rod Colledge

@Regina; I agree regarding the database platform.

I also think that the best database developers tend to come from a DBA background. Understanding how the DBMS *really* works is crucial to developing good database applications, and DBAs who transition their skills into development are uniquely positioned in that regard.


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